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IP CCTV Systems

We offer a simple, yet comprehensive range of IP Camera's and NAS recorders.  


Commercial IP CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the ultimate in deterring crime and improving personal safety. IP CCTV also provides extra benefits to Business owners by increasing productivity, reducing time wasting and creating a safer working environment. Commercial IP CCTV reduces the temptation of pilferage and enables you to remain in constant visual contact with your workforce from your own office or remotely by internet with a live feed to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Commercial IP CCTV camera design technology has advanced considerably over the years and there are a number of IP Camera's you can choose from. You can have IP cameras highly visible or unobtrusive, discreet, even covert when expertly fitted by CountyIT. Call us on 0115 822 0036 for more information.

Commercial IP CCTV can provide you with immediate information through a live feed via the internet to your smartphone or PC or can be recorded into an HD quality NAS (Network Area Storage Device) showing the date and time for future reference or evidence. IP CCTV has proven to serve as an excellent deterrent as well as an invaluable source of evidence in the event of a visual record being required.  IP CCTV also presents to you the added security of being able to constantly monitor your business property to safeguard against any incident that might require immediate or rapid attention including leakages and water damage. Call us on 0115 822 0036 for more information.


Call us on 0800 592 776 to schedule a free survey or for more information.

Commercial IP for cameras for CCTV

From simple static cameras through to multi-directional PTZ (Pan, Tilt Zoom) cameras positioned to cover every office and storage area in your property that you can view simultaneously on a split screen or individually to suit your preference.
CountyIT has over 20 years’ experience in this field and would be delighted to discuss the IP CCTV options and conduct a free survey to advise you the best IP CCTV system to suit your specific needs and the various configurations you can choose from.  A fully integrated system activated by motion detection or continual feed to your receiving device by the internet will give you the remote access and high level of security you are looking for.


Call us now on 0115 822 0036 to schedule a visit from one of our trusted and qualified security engineers or use the contact form to email us



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IP CCTV Recording Systems

We typically use NAS drives to view and record your camera's from your CCTV system.


Your cameras can be viewed in real time on PC, Tablets and Mobile phones anywhere in the World when you have fast Wifi or Data connection.

These NAS drives can also carry out other functions in your business or home, ask for details.

These are not to be confused with DVR - digital video recorders.



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IP CCTV Recording Home Systems

Not only are these systems used commercially and are of such scale they can cover the largest of sites.  We can also scale down the system for use in your home and property.


Many people suffer from theft from their cars, sheds and outbuilding.  With many domestic systems, the quality and definition of the recordings are

often poor and not permissible in court.


With our setup, you will not have that problem!


Please use our contact page to get in touch! 

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