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We offer a simple, yet comprehensive range of IT Support packages, most customers prefer fixed monthly agreements (Full IT Support).  We can provide remote and pay as you go services (See Below).

Businesses of all sizes – from start-ups to enterprises – can take advantage of our IT support services and highly efficient Team, ensuring that their IT and communications drive their business forward to increased efficiency, productivity, success and most important PROFIT.


Our most popular option a fixed price contract the covers all your support needs.  Customers prefer this option as they are able to budget for the cover with no nasty surprises!  Customer call as often as they wish! 

Often this contact will be less than the cost of cleaning your premises.  From our point of view, we have to maintain a strong and secure working network or it would not be cost-effective, What do you get? a strong and effective network!  We have some contracts that have now been going nearly 20years!  We know this works well for our customers!!


The least used of or packages mainly due to the fact that IT by its nature is always changing and therefore we are normally contracted to maintain the network etc.

We are happy to provide PAYG for domestic customers and for DATA Recovery. A lot of IT Support companies push for 'pay as you go' as they will often invent additional work and unnecessary costs in order to justify Enormous charges!  Often to cover there overhead and expensive advertising and sponsorship deals


We can remote into your system from anywhere in the World, often useful for international workers.  So if you’re a small business with a keen eye on budgets, but you recognise the value of technology as a key enabler for efficiency, Remote IT may be a good support option for you.

This package can give you unlimited remote support for your end-users, covering your computers, servers and network. You can get in touch with our Tech Team by telephone, Our phones are all manned by highly qualified technicians with at least 20 years experience to ensure you’re back up to speed as quickly as possible.

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